Hello St. Paul Families,

This week begin a new month, March!! And with the arrival of March, we are able to enjoy longer days of light and look forward to the return of spring in the next few weeks. Here is some information for the week, as well as, an overview of the Umbrella Project focus for March.


Welcome to March at the Umbrella Project!  Last month we focused our attention on showing Purpose and this month we are adding the skill of Kindness!
Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It is the action of showing someone you care by performing acts of a good and thoughtful nature.

Why Does Kindness Matter? How Does It Help Us?

Doing good is not only beneficial for the person on the receiving end and those who witness the kind action, but also for the givers of kindness. When we are kind and intentionally perform acts of kindness, we get a boost in our own well-being and happiness. It feels good to help others and it helps us to focus on the positive things in our lives. It’s a win-win!!

Are you keen to see your child performing more acts of kindness? Research says that ‘attribution’ plays a role in encouraging this.

Kindness Quote of the week: Be the reason someone smiles today.


School Events/Activities:

Wed. March 3 – St. Paul Spirit Day (wear your Panther gear and/or Red/Black) & Gum Day (bring your own gum to chew under your mask during the day and help support our Lenten Tiny Home Project)

Fri. March 5  Career Spirit Day (dress for the job you’d like to have eg. doctor, firefighter, vet, business person, retail etc.)

St. Francis Parish Bulletin

St. Francis Parish Calendar for March