Hello St. Paul Families,

Hope you were able to enjoy some family time over the weekend! Here is some important information for the coming week.

Virtual learning extended:

With the Minister’s announcement on January 20th, face-to-face learning will not be resuming at this point until February 11th. With that being said, we’ve had 3 weeks of Virtual Learning and we’ve witnessed some great learning over that time. We know that a lot of this learning is supported by parents. Thank you for being there and making the best of this during this unprecedented time.

Want to switch mode of learning?
The survey to transition from face-to-face learning to virtual or from virtual to face-to-face on January 27th has been delayed. The survey is going to open and be updated when face to face learning resumes.
Students are expected to attend remote learning regularly and be punctual for the start times of our school day (8:20 am and 12:05 pm).  Parents are required to phone the school, 519-743-4401 if a student will be absent or late. Messages may be left on the attendance line at any time.
If a child has not arrived at their virtual classroom and a phone call or note has not been received, the administrative assistant will attempt to alert parents by telephone at home or at your place of employment if necessary.
If your child is going to be absent, please:
  • Send an email to your child’s teacher in advance when possible
  • Phone the school and leave a message on the attendance line which operates at any time during the day or night (519-743-4401)
  • State the date of the absence, your child’s name, spell your child’s last name, the teacher’s name, and the reason for the absence. Unless you notify us otherwise, we will assume your child will be back the following day. At no time is the student to report themselves absent for the school day or is the student to have someone less than 18 years of age report them absent

School Events for the Week:

Jan. 24-30 – Family Literacy Week

Family Literacy Week Flyer

Mon. Jan. 25 – Feast Day of St. Paul

St. Paul began his life as an unkind man of Jewish faith who believed that those who followed Jesus were hurtful of the faith. However, during his journey on the road to Damascus, Jesus came to Paul in a flash of light which blinded Paul and in Paul’s blindness he took the time to really think about Jesus and what Jesus had asked of him. Jesus asked Paul to believe in Him. And so St. Paul chose to take the path with God at his side and travel to many places to spread the message about Christian love and that Jesus was indeed the Son of God.

We too are all called to be followers of Jesus and messengers of the “good news”. Let us be filled with confidence to go forth and praise God and show LOVE to others in our everyday lives.

Wed. Jan. 27 – St. Paul Spiritwear and/or Red and Black Day

Thurs. Jan. 28 – Bell Let’s Talk Day  

Fri. Jan. 29 – Wear Flannel/Plaid Day


St. Francis of Assisi Parish Bulletin