Dear Parents/Guardians:

Each year in May and June we create class lists based on the students we currently have enrolled at the school and the number of classes we have been allotted according to both Ministry and Board regulations. Over the summer some families move away from the school and others move into our school boundaries and often our enrollment numbers change as a result. Then in September, the board office staff re-assesses our enrollment numbers and sometimes it results in classes being added to or collapsed (removed) from our school.

This year we have been notified that we are adding another class. We are fortunate to be in a position of growth and to be able to add to our already amazing staff. With this exciting addition comes some movement. Class configurations need to be adjusted which overall result in smaller class sizes in both Junior and Primary classes, which will allow for more individualized attention and instruction for all students.

On Monday, September 10th, some students will be moved to a different classroom. This will be their classroom for the remainder of the school year. Although the change may be difficult for them at first, we recognize the long-term benefits will be quite advantageous.

Please know that all staff involved in making these decisions has each child’s best interest at heart. Our class making protocol is complex, considering many factors such as social dynamics, learning styles, academic levels along with a balance of male/female students. All this is completed with specific numbers given.

If your child is moving to a new classroom and teacher, a letter indicating the new class and teacher will be sent home on Friday, September 7th. If your child is not moving classes, he or she will not receive a letter home.

We know that students are resilient and accepting of change. We thank you for assisting your child with these adjustments and for framing the experience in a positive manner.