The government’s order for all publicly funded schools in Ontario to remain closed from March 14, 2020 to April 5, 2020 will remove a lot of student and staff uncertainty about COVID-19 and concern about implications for schools. We believe this action is in the best interests of the health of Ontarians.

The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is always our top priority, and we will continue working with local Public Health staff to ensure our schools remain clean, safe and welcoming in anticipation of the resumption of school in April. We encourage everyone to remain vigilant regarding hand hygiene and cough / sneeze etiquette and to follow all Public Health guidance and directives.

In the meantime, we ask all WCDSB stakeholders to continue monitoring our special COVID-19 web page for up-to-date information (  — and our prayers continue for all those around the world who have been or will be affected by COVID-19.



لقد اتخذت حكومة أونتاريو قرارا بإغلاق كافة المدارس لمدة أسبوعين بعد عطلة الربيع في شهر مارس كإجراء احترازي في إطار إجراءات الحد من انتشار فيروس كورونا المستجد. وعليه، سيتم إغلاق المدارس في الفترة من ١٤ مارس إلى ٥ إبريل. للحصول على آخر المستجدات بهذا الشأن، يرجى متابعة موقع مجلس الإدارة التعليمية على:


መንግስቲ ኦንቴርዮ፡ ንምክልኻል ናይ 2019 ሓዲሽ ኮሮና ቪረስ (COVID-2019) ፡ ድሕሪ ዕረፍቲ ናይ ማርች (March Break )፡  ንኽልተ ሰሙን፡ ኩለን ቤት ትምህርታት ካብ ዕለት14 ማርች፡ 2020 ክሳብ ዕለት 5 ኤፕሪል- 2020 ተዓጽየን ክጸንሓ ወሲኑ ኣሎ።


የኦንቴርዮ መንግስት፡ የ2019 ኣዲሱ ኮሮና ቪሩስ (covid-2019) ለመከላከል ያኽል፡ ከማርች ብሬክ ቀጥሎ፡ ለሁለት ሳምንታት፡ ከ ማርች14- 2020፡ እስከ ኤፕሪል 5፡2020: ትምህርት ቤቶች በሙሉ ተዘግትወ እንዲቆዩ ወስነዋል።