Dear St. Paul Families,

As you know, schools are now closed and it would appear that this will stretch beyond the Easter weekend, although exactly when we might return to face to face learning is not yet clear. Just a quick note to say we are all thinking of all of your families during this difficult time and are hoping all of you are keeping everyone well and safe. A special thank-you to those who are working in essential services right now as you are keeping our community going. In the coming days, each classroom teacher will be reaching out to their students and their families using their current communication method (i.e. Google Classroom/D2L/Class website) to share the resources below and to assess student technology needs (i.e. device & internet access). Where internet communication is not possible, they will be calling families.

As directed by the Ministry and the Board we are providing you with a few resources you may find helpful at this point. Please understand that you are not expected to engage in all of the activities provided but rather to use the resources as you see fit for your family and their needs. Additional learning programs are being developed by the Ministry over the next couple of weeks.

WCDSB STEAM Days + Learn At Home (Ministry of Education)

Prayer – For the Sick

Loving God, we believe that you desire only wholeness and goodness for us, and so we lift up to you all who are ill in any way. Grant them comfort and strength in their affliction, O God, and please restore them to good health.

We also ask that you bless all those who work with the sick, that they will be strengthened in their Ministry. Help them know how vitally important their challenging roles are as they seek to be signs of your compassion in the world.

Help those who are sick to trust in you, God, as they journey toward recovery. Grant peace to the families of those who are ill, Lord, as they wait in hope for their loved one’s healing.

Loving God, we ask your very special blessing on those who are dying and are soon to see you face to face. Give them peace, Lord, and surround them with the knowledge of your presence and love.

We also pray for our Health Care system, that it may always function for the good of those who are sick. We lift up to you those who cannot afford health insurance or proper Medical Care, and ask that we may be especially mindful of their needs.

We pray these things in the name of your Son, our Lord. Amen.

(source: Let’s Begin With A Prayer, Sally Macke)

How to support student mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic (suggestions for parents and families)