August 28, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please make note of the following information with respect to our new school drop off and pick up procedures that will be in place to enhance student safety, beginning September 8, 2020. You were previously advised of these changes at the end of June (a letter went home with report cards). The new procedures reflect consultations with St. Paul staff, School Council, the Manager of Planning for WCDSB, Student Transportation Services and the YMCA childcare. We encourage students in Gr. 4 – 8 who live within 1.6 km of the school (0.8 km for JK – Gr. 3 students) to walk to school.  Those who live further than 1.6 km (0.8 km JK – Gr. 3) are eligible for bus transportation.

Drop Off (8:05-8:20 a.m.) Parents who choose to drive their children to school are asked to either:  A. park on one of the side streets and walk (e.g. Cyprus Dr.), or have your children walk on their own, the remainder of the way to school, using the crosswalk in front of the school.  OR B. drop your children off in front of the school on either side of Birchcliff in the designated areas or via one of the city walkways identified on the map below (e.g. Uplands Dr., Cloverdale Cres).  In order to keep traffic moving and keep the bus zone free from traffic, parents who choose to stop along Birchcliff may not get out of their vehicles and children may only exit the vehicle from the passenger side. There is no access to the school parking lot between 8:05 – 8:20 am.

Pick Up (2:50-3:00) There is no access to the school parking lot between 2:50 – 3:00 pm for parents choosing to pick up children at the end of the school day. Please do not enter the school parking lot prior to 2:50 pm to pickup your child.  At the end of the school day, parents are required to park on a side street and have their children cross safely at the cross walk in front of the school or use any of the procedures outlined above for drop off.

In support of our new drop off and pick up procedures we will be implementing the following initiatives;

  • Staff will monitor access to the school parking lot at the driveway entrance during drop off and pick up times.
  • In September, we will recruit and formally train students as crossing guards for the walkway in front of the school in partnership with Student Transportation Services.
  • In partnership with Student Transportation Services and the Canadian Cancer Society we will look to begin a Walking school bus program. Each day, a volunteer parent/guardian and trained students will meet students at the Giant Tiger Plaza and walk to/from school together along Greenbrook to the cross walk at Birchcliff (8:05 am pick up & 3:00 pm drop off) – We need parent volunteers. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with our Walking School Bus program.
  • As part of the safe arrival and dismissal procedures for Kindergarten students, all kindergarten students will be walked to the Kindergarten yard by their parent, sibling or caregiver (please observe social distancing protocols). Supervision begins there at 8:05 am. For dismissal, parents or caregivers will pick up the Kindergarten students at the designated area determined by the Educator Team for that class.

    The City of Kitchener works closely with all schools to ensure the streets around them are safe for students, parents and others in the community.  Please keep these City of Kitchener bylaws in mind if you choose to drive your children to school.

Parking is not permitted:

  • Within 1.5 metres of a driveway
  • Within 3 metres of a fire hydrant
  • Within 9 metres of an intersection
  • In a bike lane
  • In a school bus loading zone

Note: Please also be aware of all the no parking/no stopping areas around our school.

Each year, the city receives complaints about drivers in school zones. Here are some of the practices to avoid:

  • Stopping or Parking in a restricted zone
  • Blocking a driveway when you park your car
  • Travelling too quickly
  • Making U-turns
  • Parking in a driveway without the homeowner’s permission

Please be respectful of residents who live on streets around our school. By-law Enforcement staff regularly patrol school areas to help keep everyone safe by watching for infractions. By working together, we can ensure St. Paul continues to be a safe, nurturing, and engaging school where your children will meet with success. Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and support.

Please feel free to contact us at the school should you have any questions or concerns.


Mr. F. Krauss

St. Paul's Parking Map