Hello Panthers,

It was wonderful to see our students returning to St. Paul this past week and to connect with each other in person (with social distancing of course). We will continue to practice the health and safety protocols with our students, as a regular part of their transition back to school. This week, parents/guardians will be asked to complete our school start up forms. These forms will be available for completion through School Cash Online. Even if your child is attending St. Isidore, we will still need you to complete these forms. To our St. Isidore students, if you requested a Chromebook and/or would like a Student Kit full of learning materials, you will be able to pick them up at the school later this week – please wait for further instruction from our staff. Thank you for your trust, patience, and cooperation as we continue to work together and support one another through this challenging but important school year. It will take some time for routines to be established and for staff and students to adjust to this new “norm” but with patience and trust we will get through this together.

Preparing the Earth – Préparer la terre

As we begin a new school year, let us imagine that we are preparing the earth for a garden. Let us dig deep to remove any stones of the past that may block our growth. Let us move the earth around to make planting easier. Fertilizer always gives the soil nutrients that it needs.

Let us pray:
Creator God,
We desire to prepare the soil of our lives for a new school year. Help us to dig deep, to remove anything that will prevent us from growing. May we be willing to receive the nutrients we need to learn and sprout new ways of being. Let us trust that as the Master Gardener, you will take care of us in loving ways.

Below are some reminders and updates.

Health and Safety

You must screen your child for symptoms every day before they come to school. You can use the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 self-assessment tool for this purpose. If your child has any symptoms of COVID-19 or if they are ill, they should not attend school. You should report your child’s absence from school by calling us at 519-743-4401. Students who become ill during the day will be isolated and must be picked up from school as soon as possible. Symptomatic students will not be able to use student transportation.

The Board has created some resources for the development of COVID related skills at home/school.

Communication Protocol

When a parent, guardian or other board stakeholder has a concern or suggestion, it is expected that the concern/suggestion will first be taken up with the staff member with whom the parent / guardian / stakeholder has the concern/suggestion. Therefore, the following process as outlined by the Board will be followed:

Step One: Speak directly to the staff member. If the issue is not resolved, proceed to step two.

Step Two: Speak to the Principal. If the person with the concern has not yet addressed the issue with the staff member involved, the Principal will ask them to do so.

The Principal will involve the staff member in any discussions with the person who has the concern. The Principal may request, at any step in the process, that concerns be put in writing. The Principal may involve, at any time in the process, others who may be helpful in resolving the concern.

All public and interpersonal communications must recognize the dignity of the individual and be conducted fairly, honestly, and with respect.

When communicating with classroom teachers/staff members, please do not to expect a response within 24 hours, unless it is an emergency. We will do our very best to respond when we are able.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing will be a major focus for staff and students this year. It is essential that all of us take care of ourselves, not just for our wellbeing, but for those we care about and support. Our self-care will help improve our energy, focus, ability to cope with challenges and overall life experience. Here is a guide for Personal Resiliency During COVID-19School Mental Health Ontario https://smho-smso.ca/parents-and-families/ has a variety of resources to help your children to feel mentally well, grow up happy and to learn how to navigate life’s challenges.

St. Francis Parish

We are very proud of our partnership with St Francis Parish. We welcome Father Murray McDermott as the new pastor at St. Francis. We will be sharing a welcome video from St. Francis staff with students during Monday announcements. In order to continue to build on this relationship, each week we will be providing our community with a link to access the Church Bulletin so you may keep yourself up to date on the many events at the Parish.

Parish Calendar September 2020

St. Francis Bulletin September 13, 2020

If your child is entering Grade 2 or 7 in September 2020, and they wish to receive the Sacraments of 1st Communion or Confirmation, we are having online registration this September. Please see this link for the registration forms.