October 4, 2020

Hello Panthers!

As the weather turns colder, please ensure that our students are properly dressed and have coats and hats/gloves (when necessary).

Harvesting New Fruit

God our Creator,
We see signs of your love for us every year when the crops ripen for harvest. We are thankful for the gifts of the earth. Yet so often we see pollution in the water, air and soil. Teach us to take better care of our world, so that it will always be green, fruitful, and a good home for all your creatures.
St. Paul pray for us. Amen.

Health and Safety

The government has recently updated the COVID-19 school screening tool (October 1st). It offers the best guidance to help our families/students decide if they should or should not go to school each day by completing the questions in the assessment.

The results have been greatly simplified to provide a green checkmark (i.e. go to school) or OR a red screen (do not go to school) and specific next steps.

Important Events This Week

Rowan’s Day (Oct 7) – We are asking everyone to wear purple: In 2013 Rowan Stringer, a 17-year-old high school student from Ottawa, lost her life to Second Impact Syndrome; a brain injury caused by suffering a concussion before fully recovering from a previous concussion. In March 2018, the Ontario Government passed Rowan’s Law. Teachers will be taking some time to share and discuss some key messages on how we can all help to recognize and prevent concussions in the future. As a result of this law, the Board has new Concussion Procedures. Everyone’s at risk of head injury and concussion – not just athletes. Know the signs and symptoms of concussion.

Friday, October 9 – PD Day (NO SCHOOL)

Catholic School Advisory Council

On September 29, we had our first virtual council meeting to elect member for our executive positions. Here are the minutes from our meeting.

St. Francis Parish – Oct 4 – 60th Anniversary Celebration for St. Francis of Assisi Church

Parish Calendar October 2020

St. Francis Bulletin October 4, 2020

People can drop off non-perishable food donations for St Vincent de Paul at the church for distribution. Just call ahead and let Alice know you are dropping them off.

Congratulations to St. Francis of Assiss Church on their 60th Anniversary!


Francis of Assisi lived in simplicity and in love and inspires us to do the same. Though born to wealth, he left everything behind to follow Christ. Wholehearted in his desire for truth and goodness, he had a huge impact on the people of his time and was canonized shortly after his death.
(Source: Let’s Begin With A Prayer, Sally Macke)