October 18, 2020

Hello Panthers,

Last year, when the Board launched Called to Belong, we could not have foreseen what the future held. Yet the Spirit was with us, guiding our theme and moving us to create a deep sense of BELONGING and connection during such a difficult journey. We feel the same about the second year of our three-year Pastoral Plan, Gathered to Become. In John 6:35, Jesus proclaims “I am the bread of life.”

May this year of Becoming truly be a year of Transformation. As the Eucharist transforms us, so let us be the “Bread of Life” to all we encounter. May we experience transformation this year – from the challenges of new learning situations, platforms and teaching environments – to allow us to emerge from our chrysalis healthy and strong and to successfully be able to spread our wings and soar.

Loving Father you call us to belong to your family so that we may be gathered to become.

You constantly speak your word to us to call us to right relationship with yourself and with one another.

In the fullness of time you sent your only Son, Jesus to be your Word made flesh.

In the very being of Jesus there is perfect integrity between who he is and what he speaks. 

Though your Word and Sacrament you provide opportunities for us to grow in that same integrity.

As you raised Jesus to new life from the tomb, you also transform the caterpillar into a butterfly in the chrysalis.

So too, loving God, shape and form our becoming according to your divine plan in the image of your Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit in our gathering as a Christian Community.   Amen.

Fr. Joseph de Viveiros C.R.


This week Individual Education Plans (IEPs) will be sent home. Please see the IEP checklist and letter from the WCDSB Special Education Advisory Committee.

Safe arrival/ departure

A gentle reminder that, Parents, guardians, and caregivers are responsible for communicating planned pupil absences or lateness to the school on a timely basis. This is an important part of the Board’s safe arrival/departure policy. If you are calling or emailing to report your child’s absence due to illness, please leave your child’s name and a description of ALL the symptoms they are experiencing.

On October 19, we will be conducting a walkabout with various stakeholders (student transportation services, city officials, members of parent council and staff) to review traffic issues in front of the school in order to make recommendations for improving student safety.

St. Francis Parish – Oct 4 – 60th Anniversary Celebration for St. Francis of Assisi Church

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