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Panthers’ WAG – October 30 – November 3, 2017

Monthly Theme: RESPECT

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The annual St Paul Book Fair is coming!

St. Paul will be holding a Scholastic Book Fair on November 6th – 9th. At the “Saddle Up & Read Book Fair” you’ll find stories to set your imagination free or escape to another world, and turn your child into a lifelong reader!

Every purchase you make will benefit our Library with new books for all to read. Through this Book Fair Fundraiser Scholastic gives us the opportunity to purchase various Library materials for the enjoyment of all.

Volunteers wanted:

If you can help us at the Book Fair please contact Mrs. McCrae in the Library. Thanks





Students in JK – grade 8 will receive their progress report card on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017. Parent/teacher/student conferences will take place for students in grades 1 – 8 on Thursday, November 9th from 3:30 – 9:00pm.

At St. Paul, it is our wish that every student has a parent/guardian meet with their child’s teacher in the fall and that the student attend the conference as well if possible. If you have met recently with the teacher it may not be necessary to meet on the 9th.  On Monday, October 30th a letter and form will be sent home for you to select a convenient block of time for your conference(s).   These forms are to be returned by November 1st. The staff will then schedule times for a 10 minute block and the form will be returned to you with your oldest child’s report card indicating the exact time/ times of your conference(s).  Please contact teachers directly to make alternate arrangements if you cannot make it on November 9th.

**Please note – Junior and Senior Kindergarten children have classroom visits coming up during the week of November 13 – 16 and are not involved in this interview process. 



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We will be celebrating Halloween at St Paul on October 31st. Each class or division is planning their own celebration and fun activities connected to the Halloween theme. Children are welcome to dress up in their costumes and we look forward to all the excitement that this day brings. In order to keep all of our students safe, comfortable and happy please remember the following:

  • Costumes should be in line with our Catholic beliefs and teachings – no violent characters or weapons of any kind
  • Due to safety concerns – masks and extensive face make up may not be worn at school – we must be able to easily recognize all students
  • All props are to be left at home – we cannot be responsible for lost or broken items
  • All children should be able to independently get in and out of their costumes in order to use the washroom, go out for recesses and to gym class, etc
  • Children are here for 6.5 hours – please consider their comfort if planning on wearing the costume all day – they easily get very hot in full body costumes
  • If you are choosing to send treats for your child to share with her or his class – please remember they must be nut free. Pencils, erasers and removable tattoos also make great treats to share.



 At St Paul, we will continue to focus on Proportional Reasoning in our Maths classes. Proportional Reasoning involves the deliberate use of multiplicative relationships to compare quantities and to predict the value of one quantity based on the values of another. Students use proportional reasoning in early math learning, for example, when they think of 8 as two fours or four twos rather than thinking of it as one more than seven. They use proportional reasoning later in learning when they think of how a speed of 50 km/h is the same as a speed of 25 km/30 min. Students continue to use proportional reasoning when they think about slopes of lines and rate of change.

The essence of proportional reasoning is the consideration of number in relative terms, rather than absolute terms. Students are using proportional reasoning when they decide that a group of 3 children growing to 9 children is a more significant change than a group of 100 children growing to 150, since the number tripled in the first case; but only grew by 50%, not even doubling, in the second case. Although the Ontario Curriculum documents for mathematics do not specifically reference the term proportional relationships until Grade 4, activities in the primary grades support the development of proportional thinking. For example, if we ask students to compare the worth of a group of four nickels to the worth of a group of four pennies, we are helping them to develop proportional thinking. In the junior and intermediate grades, students work directly with fractional equivalence, ratio, rate, and percent.

Sample questions:

Sam’s snake is 120 cm and will be to 270 cm when fully grown. Sally’s snake is 150 cm and will grow to 300 cm. Which snake is closer to being fully grown?

Possible answers:

Absolute reasoners: They are both the same distance from being fully grown. Each has 150 cm to grow to be fully grown. This does not accurately answer the question being asked

Relative reasoners: Sally’s snake is half way to being fully grown because it is 150 cm and will have to double its length to get to 300 cm. Sam’s snake is less than half-way to being fully grown as twice 120 cm is 240 cm and 270 is greater than that (or half 270 cm is 135 cm and it is now only 120 cm – not half grown). Our goal is to have students to be able to think about math problems in relative (proportional) terms.

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Fun Websites that promote Proportional Reasoning:


Here’s what is happening at St Paul CES this Week:


  • Last day to order Pizza online


  • Happy Halloween! Wear Costumes, Halloween Colours or Colour House Colours
  • John Howard Society Bullying Prevention Workshops in grade JK – 4/5 classes
  • Roots of Empathy Program in Mrs. Esmaili’s class


  • Spirit Wear Day – Wear your School Spirit Wear!
  • Pizza Wednesday!
  • Interview forms due to school


  • Morning – Ms. Rutherford and Ms. Delooze’s classes skating at RIM


  • Spirit Day – Wear a toque and mitts!
  • Book Fair Preview Day – NO SALES

Have a great week Panthers!