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Panthers’ WAG – October 23 – 28, 2017

Monthly Theme: RESPECT

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If you are planning a family trip or vacation that will involve your child being absent for 5 or more consecutive days, please come to the Main Office to complete an ‘Intent to be Absent’ form. This form ensures that your child’s attendance is accurately recorded for Ministry purposes.


Please be advised that our morning supervision begins at 8:05 am. Staff are not available to supervise students prior to this time.


Just a reminder that our next PD day is on MONDAY, October 23rd.

The Friday, December 8th PD Day will include all staff – there will be no extended day program this day.


Helpful Tips for Parents and Guardians

Believe that every child can be successful in math. It takes good teaching, coaching, encouragement, and practice.

  • Talk about math in a positive way. A positive attitude about math is infectious.
  • Encourage persistence. Some problems take time to solve.
  • Encourage your child to experiment with different approaches to mathematics. There is often more than one way to solve a math problem.
  • Encourage your child to talk about and show a math problem in a way that makes sense (i.e., draw a picture or use material like macaroni).
  • When your child is solving math problems ask questions such as: Why did you…?  What can you do next? Do you see any patterns?  Does the answer make sense? How do you know? This helps to encourage thinking about mathematics.
  • Connect math to everyday life and help your child understand how math influences them (i.e. shapes of traffic signs, walking distance to school, telling time).
  • Play family math games together that add excitement such as Checkers, Junior monopoly, Math Bingo, and Uno.
  • Computers + math = fun! There are great computer math games available on the internet that you can discover with your child. Try the games found here –
  • Talk with your child’s teacher about difficulties he/she may be experiencing. When teachers and parents work together, children benefit.

Adapted from information provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Parents and guardians play an important role in supporting success when thinking, talking and problem-solving in math. For more great ideas about how to help your child with mathematics visit the Ontario Ministry of Education website ( A great resource to check out is Doing Mathematics with Your Child, Kindergarten – Grade 6, A Parent Guide.


 Here’s what is happening at St Paul CES this Week:


  • Last day to order Pizza online
  • PD Day – No school for students


  • 6:30 pm – School Council Meeting in the Library


  • Spirit Wear Day – Wear your School Spirit Wear!
  • Pizza Wednesday!


  • Morning – Ms. Rutherford and Ms. Delooze’s classes skating at RIM
  • Immunizations for all Grade 7 students



Have a great week Panthers!