FAMILY CHRISTMAS FUND – Community is Family

Once again this year we are reaching out to our families who are able and interested in supporting some of our families that are currently experiencing some hardships and are unable to access food and gifts for their children/ family during the upcoming Christmas season. We will be collecting donations through Cash Online beginning later this week and up to December 6th. These funds will be used to purchase Gift Cards at local businesses to assist parents in providing for their children. More details will follow in a letter home this week. 

New this year – all families who donate $10 or more will be entered into a draw to win Kitchener Rangers tickets (including transportation to and from St Paul) for a child and adult for the January 19th game against the Guelph Storm. 


LIFETOUCH PHOTO RETAKE DAY – Wednesday, November 20, 2019 in the afternoon 

Please see the attachment for further details on how to order pictures

Lifetouch pic reorder



Thank you St. Paul’s Community, for your generous support of the book fair! Students, parents, grandparents all enjoyed their visit to the fair. Great reading will be had by all! Funds raised by the fair will be used to update some of our well loved resources in the library.

Congratulations to Cooper P. and Ms. Rodgers! They were the winners of the ‘Family Event’ draw this year.



Do the Math – Do the Math Handout



On December 2 we will be having a ‘Swap and Shop’ Event. This is an opportunity for you to bring in any gently used winter clothes and toys in to the school for others, and to ‘shop’ for any items that have been brought in by others. It is a great chance to clear out some space as we head into the holiday season, and to do some early shopping for those things you or your children have needed or wanted! More details will follow regarding where and when to bring the items.



This month our focus is to build a growth mindset. To briefly summarize, in a fixed mindset we believe that our intelligence and talent are something we are born with and can’t change. This leads us to the false assumption that talent alone, without hard work, will lead to success. Extensive research has shown that children with this mindset give up easily and often avoid challenges. In a growth mindset, we see ourselves as growing and developing. We believe we can build any skill with effort and this can help us create a love of learning and an excitement around new challenges. We see the brain like a muscle, the more effort we put in, the bigger it grows. 

GROWTH MINDSET TIP #4 Build In Time For Regular Self  Reflection 

Reflecting regularly on what we have learned both from our successes and failures is a great way to improve the growth mindset. This regular reflection allows us to course correct quickly, recognize small wins and opportunities for improvement, and reduces how overwhelmed we feel. 

A great exercise to do at the dinner table is to have everyone share one thing they did great that day and one growth opportunity (an area you could improve). 

Here are some examples: 

Great things today: I have committed to exercising more and I made it to the gym today. I said something nice instead of negative about a friend I have been struggling with. I focused in math class instead of getting distracted by my friends. 

Growth opportunities: Making a bit more time in the evening to prep a healthy lunch instead of choosing fast food. Working on scheduling my day better tomorrow so that I don’t leave my homework until the last minute. Making a better choice when my friends are not paying attention in class. 


In a community where students believe they belong, we can prevent/reduce/defeat bullying type behaviours. Going forward, as a Catholic school board we will promote this annual week in conjunction with our Pastoral Plan. Please help us celebrate a week of BELONGING in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board! Throughout this week classes will celebrate ways we have helped each other to have a sense of belonging and have helped to build community.


As a reminder – students are outside for two 15 minute recesses, plus 40 minutes at lunch, and we go outside in light rain and cold weather (as cold as -19 including wind chill). Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather – including splash pants, rain jackets, hats, and water-resistant mitts or gloves so they can enjoy their time outside. 

Please also consider sending a change of clothes (especially pants, underwear and socks) in case your child falls during recess so we do not have to contact you at work to bring in dry/clean clothes.



It’s hard to believe that we are already in November and have had our first (although minimal) snowfall! At this time we would like to remind our families about the Inclement weather procedures: 

 If weather conditions or other emergencies warrant the closing of school, notice will be available by checking on the following sites: 

 1) Check our school website and click on the Delays & Cancellations button. One click will tell you if your bus is cancelled and/or if your school is closed. 

2) Check the WCDSB web site and the RED cancellation button. One click will tell you if your bus is cancelled and/or if your school is closed. The GREEN light means everything is open and buses are running. 

3) Listen to your local Waterloo Region radio station for cancellations  

4) The Before and After School Program(s) will also be closed if the school is closed. 

Please note that if school buses are cancelled in the morning they will not be sent out later in the day regardless of changes or improvements in the weather. Families who choose to drive their children to school will be responsible for picking them up at the end of the day.



This is the last week that Spiritwear will be available for purchase online – the ‘store’ closes on November 24! All orders are completed through the following website: 





We are very proud of our partnership with St Francis Parish. In order to continue to build on this relationship, each week we will be providing our community with a link to access the Church Bulletin so you may keep yourself apprised of the many events at the Parish.

Bulletin Nov. 17, 2019 (1)


Try to solve this Math Riddle: 

Here’s what is happening at St Paul CES this Week:


  • Pizza orders due through Cash Online by Midnight


  • Intermediate Boys Volleyball tournament at Rez in the afternoon


  • Pizza Wednesday
  • Mrs Kowalski, Mr Cangiano and Mr Litschgy’s classes at WLU Hockey game
  • Life Touch Photo re-takes in the afternoon


  • Mad Science for students who registered through Mad Science


  • Mass at St Francis Parish in the morning (Mass starts at 9:30) – please join us if you are able

Have a great week Panthers!