Monthly Theme: We Are Rooted in Christ!

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Principal’s Message:

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year has arrived!  Ten months have passed very quickly! As we enter June we think about packing up our classrooms and our offices, tucking away our books, pens, and memories, the staff at St. Paul School are reflective over the past year.

The year-end always brings with it a tremendous sense of accomplishment.  So many things have been accomplished this year!  From the Terry Fox Run near the beginning of the year to the many wonderful Liturgies and school assemblies, to the upcoming Grade 8 Graduation – our students have been involved in an extraordinary number of activities. Of course, we should not forget the tremendous amount of learning which has taken place during the year.  Throughout these activities, our students have demonstrated great character!

Thank you for supporting us and trusting us to take care of your children.  We feel enriched knowing that we played a big part in their learning and their becoming more responsible citizens.

To our graduates – congratulations on your achievement.  The St. Paul staff wish you all the best as you move on to the challenges and joys of high school.  Parents, if this is your last child to leave St Paul – the staff would like to thank you for your support and for the guidance that you have provided for your child(ren).  We look forward to hearing from the graduates in the future and we hope that each of them will have gained a firm foundation for their education while at St Paul.

For those families who will be returning in September, school will begin on Tuesday, September 4th.

So, as we get ready for the long, hot days of summer… be sure to spend as much time as you can with your children this summer.  Go fishing, catch frogs and eat ice cream together.  Read to them, let them read to you. Let them get dirty, and then swim in a pool, run through the sprinkler or jump into the lake.  Enjoy these moments; these are the memories that will be remembered and cherished.

On behalf of the staff, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and happy summer.

May our Lord bless us all on this journey ahead.


A Blessing Before Summer Vacation


Take time to have fun; it’s God’s way of teaching you your strengths.

Take time to grow yourself; only you can grow you.

Take time to trust yourself; God trusts you.

Take time to share with others; they will bless you, and you will bless them.

Take time to have hope, you are a child of God

Let’s put ourselves into the hands of the Lord,

and pray that God will bless us and our families

during the wonderful months of summer.

May we all help make our home a place of relaxation, joy, love, peace and safety.


May we be generous and considerate,

not thinking only about ourselves,

but helping others enjoy the blessings of a summertime.


Lord God, Creator of all things,

guide our steps and strengthen our hearts,

during these months of summer and vacation days.

Grant us refreshment of mind and body.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord,




Earlier this school year, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board transitioned into our Pastoral Theme: “People of Faith” and a Pilgrimage Cross was created to honour this. This cross was blessed by Bishop Crosby and has been passed from school to school within the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. The students and staff of St. Paul are very excited to embrace the pilgrimage cross that is set to arrive at our school this Monday, June 25th.  The St. Mark school community will be passing the cross to our Grade 6 students from Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Stott’s classes. The cross will be carried through the streets leading to St. Paul as a reminder and celebration of our Lord. During the week, the cross will travel to St Francis Parish for the Grade 8 Graduation Mass and Ceremony; and will be central to our year-end liturgy on Thursday. The cross will leave St. Paul at the end of the week and will reside at the Catholic Education Centre over the Summer.




We look forward to seeing you at:

Thursday, August 30, 2018

10:00 am until 5:00 pm

Simply drop into the school to pick up your  child(ren)’s Registration Package(s)

The Sneak Peek package will include:

Important forms to be completed at the beginning of each school year

Classroom assignment and name of classroom teacher

School Agendas for students in grade 1 – 8



We will begin displaying our Lost and Found items this week. Please encourage your children to check the tables to ensure none of the items are theirs. All items left as of June 29 will be donated to local charities.



Transportation details for the 2018-2019 school year will be available on Monday August 20, 2018.

Parents can login and view their child’s transportation details by going to and following these easy steps:

  • Click on “Student Login”
  • Enter your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN)
  • The OEN can be found on your child’s report card
  • Numbers only, no space, no dash
  • Enter your child’s birth date
  • dd/mm/yyyy
  • Enter your child’s street number
  • house number only
  • Select the school your child is attending from the drop down menu

Please note that any address changes must be done at your child’s school. If you are moving in the summer or changing caregiver arrangements for the fall, you should communicate the change of address to your child’s school before the end of the 2017-2018 school year.


Visit our website at to find bus delays and cancellations, subscribe to receive e-mail or text notifications for late buses and closures and follow us on Twitter @STSWR









June 26 – Term 2 Report Cards go home

June 26 – Grade 8 Graduation

June 27 – page 3 of the Report Card due back, with signature

June 29 – Last Day of this school year



Here’s what is happening at St Paul CES this Week:


  • Pilgrimage Cross Arrives at St Paul


  • 9 am – Graduation Mass at St Francis
  • Gr 6 Coding Arcade in the Library
  • 6:30 – Gr 8 Graduation Ceremony at St Francis


  • Primary Soccer Tournament
  • Mrs Harris and Mrs Stott’s classes going swimming
  • Gr 7/8 students going to Bingeman’s


  • Year End Liturgy and Assembly in the afternoon


 Spirit Day – wear Red and White for Canada Day!

  • Last day for this school year – Dismissal at 2:50

The staff at St Paul wish all our students and their families a safe and happy summer!

See you in September!