Monthly Theme: Sense of Purpose


This month we are going to working with students to learn about purpose and their meaningful contribution to the world. As we always say at the Umbrella Project, all of the skills are important and work best together! The happiest kids are able to understand their own needs and their contribution to the bigger world around them. 


PURPOSE TIP #2 Make your child a participating member of the family 

The ultimate goal of parenting is to help your child develop into a person who can independently self-regulate, make good decisions for their wellbeing and care for themselves without you. Like it or not, when your child becomes an adult, they will have the independence to make whatever choices they want for their lives. A big part of our role as parents is supporting the development of our child’s capacity for good decision making. 

One of the best ways to guide your child to healthy independence and purpose is to give them a voice in your family as early as you can. Here are some examples of how you can make their voices heard:

  1. Ask them how to best solve the parenting difficulties you face. Here’s an example of this from my life: How can we get out the door in the morning without me having to give the kids so many reminders? Their solutions: No leisure reading until all morning tasks are complete, checklists on the fridge with everything that needs to be done, getting dressed for the day before coming downstairs. By getting kids involved, they are learning to solve problems, are more likely to comply and feel more like participating members of our family. 
  2. Get them involved in travel planning. This one can be a lot of fun. If you are a family who likes to travel, start to include your child in the decision making. Tapping into kid’s intrinsic curiosity about the world builds purpose and really helps them to feel engaged. You could alternate through each family member getting to pick your final travel destination (after narrowing down the list to reasonable options) or let them plan one of the days while you are away. If you don’t travel, you can use this when planning out your weekend or weeknights when you have family time. Make sure everyone feels like they have a say. 
  3. Giving kids a voice is empowering and feeds the development of their sense of purpose. When everything is planned, scheduled and reinforced for them they miss out on the development of some of these critical skills.



If you are thinking about sending in valentines or treats, etc for Valentine’s Day – please connect with your child’s teacher to find out about how they might be celebrating and any allergies. AS a reminder – all food brought into school must be nut-free.




Lifetouch Photography will be at St Paul on February 24th for our Grad pictures (SK and Gr 8) as well as SIblings photos.



Do you know any families in our boundary who have children that will be Kindergarten age in September 2020? 

Year 1 and Year 2 registration will be held Beginning on February 10, 2020  for children born in 2016 (eligible for Year 1) or born in 2015 (eligible for Year 2) who have not attended Year 1.

Extended hours for registration will be on Wednesday, February 12th, from 4 – 7 pm. Please go online to register (  and then call the office to make an appointment to complete your registration(519-743-4401).



No doubt you are aware of the virus and its current status in Ontario.  It is possible it is causing concern for you or members of your family. The Ministry of Health is in regular communication with school boards across the province. In these communications, the over-arching key messages centre  around the fact that Ontario is very prepared and has effective protocols, which are currently operating very well, and the guiding principles that we do well to ground our response in the facts and what we know to be good practice. 

 To that end – we are encouraged to redouble our efforts in our schools to ensure:

  •         good hygiene – washing hands thoroughly with soap or use sanitizer;
  •         covering one’s mouth and nose when one sneezes or coughs;
  •         staff and students stay home when ill.
  •         It is also wise to get a yearly flu vaccine, available from clinics or pharmacies.



We are very proud of our partnership with St Francis Parish. In order to continue to build on this relationship, each week we will be providing our community with a link to access the Church Bulletin so you may keep yourself up to date on the many events at the Parish.

Bulletin Feb. 9, 2020


Can you solve these Valentine’s Math Problems? 



Here’s what is happening at St Paul CES this Week:


  • Kindergarten Registration all Week
  • Pizza orders due through Cash Online by Midnight
  • John Howard Classroom Visits 


  • John Howard Classroom visits


  • Pizza Day
  • Winter Walk to School Day
  • Spiritwear Wednesday – all Panthers are invited to wear their Spiritwear on Wednesdays


  • Term 1 Report Cards and Term 2 IEPs go home today – please return bottom part of page 3 by Wed, Feb 19th


  • Valentine’s Day – wear Red/ Pink


Have a great week Panthers!