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Panthers’ WAG – April 2 – 6, 2018

Monthly Theme: Being a Responsible Citizen

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As part of our focus on being a Responsible Citizen we will be focusing on environmental issues this month. Some of the activities students are planning include Boomerang Lunch Day (students will bring home all wrappers, etc as well as any uneaten food) and Waste Free Wednesdays – students will be encouraged to bring lunches that have nothing that goes into the garbage.




Save the date – On May 1st from 6 – 8 pm we will be hosting a family wellness night for students and parents. Some of the topics will be: Building healthy and easy lunches, family fitness, and mental wellness. As well we will have a variety of community resources available during the evening. More details to follow.



As part of our focus on Family Health, we will be sharing some Family Fitness tips over the next few months.

Take Time to Eat Together:

Make mealtime family time. Families that eat together tend to have better eating habits and less risk of obesity. Mealtime is a great time to check in with each other and share stories about your day.

What are you doing during meal time? Checking your phone for messages, watching the news, driving somewhere?

While we know there are days where we cannot always eat together, making it a priority is one way to build healthy eating habits and mental wellness with your family. Take time to eat together. Turn off the TV, put away your phones and sit at a table together. Sitting down together for a meal allows each person to share a few moments of their day. Eating together provides an opportunity for positive role modelling.

Taking time to pray before eating connects us to God and each other, and it improves health – when we are calmer we digest our food better! Ask your kids to share some of the before meal prayers they learn at St Paul.

Make mealtime family time – you’ll be glad you did!

Check out this video – #eattogether for more reasons why eating together is a good idea!




Happy Easter!

Alleluia – He is Risen! Enjoy Easter with some family colouring!




 April 2 – Easter Monday – no school

April 13 – PD Day – No School

April 17 – Gr 7 immunizations

April 20 – EASTER Mass at St Francis Parish

April 23 – 27 – CCAT Assessments for students in Grade 4

April 30 – May 4 – CAT 4 Assessment for students in Grade 7

May 1 – Spring into Health – family Wellness night

May 2 – The NED Show

May 6 – 11 – Catholic Education Week

May 11 – Track and Field (grades 4 – 8)

May 18 – Jump Rope for Heart

May 22 – 25 – EQAO Assessment for students in Gr 3

May 28 – May 31 – EQAO Assessment for students in Gr 6

May 30 – Welcome to Kindergarten evening

June 1 – PD DAY – No School

June 22 – Year End Mass at St Francis Parish

June 22 – Mission Day in the afternoon

June 26 – Grade 8 Graduation

June 29 – Last Day of this school year


Here’s what is happening at St Paul CES this Week:


  • Last day to order Pizza (only through Cash online)
  • Easter Monday – No School


  • Empty Tomb whole school Meditation
  • Roots of Empathy Program in Mrs. Esmaili’s class


  • Pizza Wednesday



  • Sports Cap Spirit Day
  • April’s Virtues Assembly and Winter Slide Show

Have a great week Panthers!