Welcome to February at the Umbrella Project!  Last month we focused our attention on showing Authenticity and this month we are adding the skill of Purpose! We will celebrate our Student of the Month recipients for the months of December and January when we return to school.

This month we are going to be working with students to learn about purpose and their meaningful contribution to the world. As we always say at the Umbrella Project, all of the skills are important and work best together! The happiest kids are able to understand their own needs and their contribution to the bigger world around them.

How will a sense of Purpose help my child?

Purpose is the feeling that the things we do and the choices we make have meaning and make a difference. This makes us feel happier and more confident and gives us a set of guiding principles that help us make decisions. When kids have a sense of purpose it is easier for them to keep going when things get difficult because they can see a bigger picture. This can make them less likely to get stuck in the small trivial details that don’t matter in the long run. The journey of life isn’t linear so it’s important to live each day with a bigger set goals and values that can make even the toughest of days feel worthwhile. Having a sense of purpose is so important that it can actually help your children live longer, healthier lives!