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Monthly Theme: Being Resilient

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Our Spring into Health Family Fitness Night was an amazing success! Over 120 Healthy Lunches were made – students and their parents participated in Family Yoga and learned more about Mental Wellness, the Resources available in the community that provide support and thanks to some of our awesome grade 8 students – environmental issues such as composting and water reduction! A night like this could not happen without the hard work of our committee and the commitment of the larger community.

Thanks to our Healthy Schools Committee: Angela Lorentz, Heather Voisin, Jen Schuster, Cara Tavares, Mrs. Walker and Mr. Litschgy.

Thank you to our Yoga Instructor – Iysha Nobes from Embody Health Centre in Waterloo for leading our families in fun yoga and ways to engage in physical health together. For more information you can contact her at || Phone: (519) 208-0333

You may be wondering where all those water bottles came from? They were a donation from our local Real Canadian Super Store in the Highland Hill Mall. The Super Store has continued to support St Paul in many ways over the years and we are so grateful.

And finally, to all the families who took time from their busy schedules to come to school at night to continue to build community together. Together we truly make a difference!



Each year the Catholic Schools in Ontario celebrate Catholic Education Week during the first full week of May. This Year’s theme is ‘Renewing the Promise’. Throughout the weeks we will be celebrating the gifts of Catholic Education in a variety of ways. Please see the attached schedule of some of the events that will be occurring at St Paul this week.

Catholic Education Week calendar 2018



Yoyo sales continue until this Wednesday. Students are welcome to purchase yoyos and other items during lunch recess. There will be a specific area on the blacktop reserved for students who want to continue to practice their ‘yoyo-ing’ skills during lunch recess.

Please see the attached link for some Tips and Tricks  neds-six-trix-07-27-15




Now that spring has finally arrived we ask that you take a moment to review the school Dress code with your child(ren).
At St. Paul Catholic School we believe that students should be able to learn in a safe and caring space that is free of bias and discrimination.  We expect that all students will use good judgement and respect for self and others when choosing what to wear.  When making choices about what to wear to school, we respect a student’s individuality and have agreed on some basic criteria when it comes to our dress code.

  • Students must always wear footwear inside and outside the school. It is preferred that students have both a set of shoes for indoor use AND a separate pair of shoes for outdoor use.  In addition, students must wear running shoes to participate in physical education classes.
  • Students must refrain from dressing in sexually explicit or revealing clothing.  This would include clothing that exposes the midriff, spaghetti straps, strapless tops and low-cut necklines.  No undergarments including bra straps and boxers should be showing and skirts and shorts must be mid-thigh length.
  • Students are not permitted to wear clothing with wording or graphics which are racist, sexist, advocate violence or are profane or demeaning to another person or towards the school.  In addition, clothing with wording or graphics which promote alcohol or illicit drugs and/or is recognized to be associated with gang membership will not be allowed.
  • Students will be asked to remove hats when entering the school building. This signals it is time to change from outside behaviour to inside behaviour.
  • The Dress Code is in effect for class trips, unless instructed differently.

While the selection of clothing worn at school is the responsibility of parents and student, the school reserves the right of final decision concerning dress and appearance.  If a student comes to school wearing clothing which fits into one of the categories listed above, the school may:

  • Exclude the student from regular school activities until the situation can be rectified (e.g. T-shirt turned inside out for the remainder of the school day, wearing a school shirt, etc.);
  • Contact parents and request replacement clothing if the problem cannot be rectified in the above manner;
  • Take further action as appropriate if there is consistent violation by a student regarding inappropriate student dress.

Due to the constantly changing variety of apparel style, the Principal and staff have the authority to determine if a clothing item not specifically covered in this dress code is, in fact appropriate for school attire.

We are asking for your cooperation and support in efforts to maintain a positive school environment which is centered around student achievement and growth.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the main office.






Two days at the end of August (there are two sessions offered)

GET READY FOR HIGH SCHOOL just days before school starts up again!! For more information check out:



In Grade 7 or 8? Take a Summer Expedition the first 2 weeks of July and love learning again! Note: this is formerly Summer Skills Builder… only better! For more information check it out:



FUN with Languages in the Summer! 8 Free language programs in July to choose from! For more information follow the link below:



This past Friday, was May the 4th – as a nod to our Star Wars fans – we have  a Star Wars Math Challenge:





May 6 – 11 – Catholic Education Week

May 11 – Track and Field (grades 4 – 8)

May 14 – Empower Lacrosse Workshops for students in grades 4 – 8

May 18 – Jump Rope for Heart

May 21 – Victoria Day

May 22 – 31 – EQAO Assessment for students in Gr 3and 6

May 23 – Welcome to Kindergarten evening

May 24 – Grade 8 Toronto Trip

May 30 – Cross Country

June 1 – PD DAY – No School

June 7 – Grade 7s at Resurrection

June 22 – Year End Mass at St Francis Parish

June 22 – Mission Day in the afternoon

June 26 – Grade 8 Graduation

June 29 – Last Day of this school year

 Here’s what is happening at St Paul CES this Week:


  • Last day to order Pizza (only through Cash online)
  • May’s Virtue’s assembly
  • Gr 6 Coding Arcade in the afternoon


  • Roots of Empathy in Mrs. Esmaili’s Class
  • Living Rosary in the Gym


  • Pizza Wednesday
  • Mental Health and Wellness Presentations for students in grades 6 – 8 in the morning
  • 12:30 Catholic Education Week Liturgy in the Gym
  • 7 pm – Folk Dance Festival at the Aud


  • Socks and Sandals Spirit Day
  • 10:30 – Poetry and Songs presentations in Ms Delooze’s class
  • Sustainable Cities Workshop – Mr Litschgy’s Class


  • Track and Filed Day – Gr 4 – 8 at Resurrection; Gr 1-3 at St Paul


Have a great week Panthers