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The staff at St Paul wishes all of you a blessed Holy Week and a very Happy Easter! We hope that the Lenten Season has brought you an opportunity to reflect on God’s love for you, ways you can connect with that love, and ideas for how you can carry it with you throughout the year.

As we complete our Lenten journeys with Holy Week, some may view this as a time to be sombre. It certainly is a reflection of the times we are living in as the news constantly brings us stories of pain and suffering. It may feel as if we are all searching for a sense of hope – and maybe that will help you connect deeper with the Easter story. As Mary and Martha ran to the tomb in hopes of finding Jesus alive, we approach Easter with the hope of creating a world that reflects the joy we hold in our hearts.

And so as you enter Church on Easter morning – full of the joy that this day brings us, awash in the bright colours and shouts of Alleluia – we hope you will take a moment to pray for those who may not be feeling that joy. We ask you to pray for those still searching for their spark of hope, and pray that all may come out of the darkness and into the light of understanding so that the world becomes a place where all are safe, welcome, and at peace.

Peace be with you and your family